Dear participant,

Welcome to Behapp. You are (probably) here because you have been invited to participate in a study. Many thanks for considering doing so! With Behapp we intend to expand our understanding of (mental) disease and hope to help with therapeutic advancements in this area. Your participation contributes to this goal for which we want to express our gratitude and say thank you.

If you have any questions about Behapp and its role in your study please reach out to your local study coordinator first. Due to privacy protection measures we are not able to directly link you to a study when you contact us. If you have general questions about Behapp feel free to contact us directly, either by sending us a message on or through the contact form.

Image of the Behapp app on a Samsung Galaxy S10
Behapp is available on Android and iOS devices.

How about my privacy?

Behapp relies on the collection of personal data to better understand (mental) disease, we know this is a big thing to ask from you. Our privacy policy provides an extensive description of how we handle your data. But we also want to highlight the most important points here:

  1. Your data is yours, always. If you want a copy of your data, you can request one. If you want your data to be deleted, we will comply. You are in the lead.

  2. Your data is never shared with unauthorized third parties or sold to anyone. We only handle your data in accordance with the agreements set for your specific study.

  3. We will never register any contents of your calls and messages. We remain outside of what you say and write.

  4. All your personal data that we collect is fully encrypted, and remains so, from the moment it is collected on your smartphone.

  5. Every study is different, but your data will be used for one of the following purposes:

    • To better understand (mental) disease

    • To study the effectiveness of newly developed medicines and / or therapies

    • To determine a relationship between the data and the personal state of a participant, in other words to “derive a model” from the data

Download the app

Please install the app using the link below. Then activate the app using the 8-digit activation code that you have received from your study contact person.